2013 News

July 11, 2013
NEW PUBLICATION - Identification and Isolation of Small CD44-Negative Mesenchymal Stem/Progenitor Cells From Human Bone Marrow Using Elutriation and Polychromatic Flow Cytometry

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) represent a promising cell-based therapy option for enhancing endogenous tissue repair and for suppressing autoimmunity due to their ease of isolation from bone marrow (BM), their expansion capability in vitro, and their differentiation potential and immunomodulatory properties.  However, the  method of isolation of BM mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs) is a limiting factor in their study and therapeutic use.  MSCs are typically expanded from BM cells selected on the basis of their adherence to plastic, which results in a heterogenous population of cells.  Prospective identification of the antigenic profile of the MSC population(s) in BM that gives rise to cells with MSC activity in vitro would allow the preparation of very pure populations of MSCs for research or clinical use.  To address this issue, we used polychromatic flow cytometry and counterflow centrifugal elutriation (CCE) to identify a phenotypically distinct population of mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells (MSPC) within human BM.  The MSPC activity resided within a population of rare cells based on their small size that were CD45-CD73+CD90+CD105+ cells and lacked CD44, the common MSC marker.  In culture, these MSPC adhere to plastic, rapidly proliferate, and acquire CD44 expression.  They form CFU-F and are able to differentiate into osteoblasts, chondrocytes and adipocytes under defined in vitro conditions.  Their acquired expression of CD44 can be partially downregulated by treatment with recombinant human G-CSF, a response not found in MSCs derived using conventional methods.  These observations indicate that MSPCs within human BM are rare, small CD45-CD73+CD90+CD105+ cells that lack expression of CD44.

Hall SR, Jiang Y, Leary E, Yavanian G, Eminli S, O'Neill DW, Marasco WA.  Identification and Isolation of Small CD44-Negative Mesenchymal Stem/Progenitor Cells From Human Bone Marrow Using Elutriation and Polychromatic Flow Cytometry. Stem Cells Transl Med. 2013 Aug;2(8):567-78. doi:10.5966/sctm.2012-0155. Epub 2013 Jul 11. PMID:2384700


 April 30, 2013
Marasco speaking at the PEGS Conference, Boston, MA

The 9th Annual PEGS (the essential protein engineering summit) will be held at the Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA,  April 29 - May 3, 2013.  Dr. Marasco will be the Chair at the SC11, Tuesday, April 30,  6:00-8:00PM  session titled "Boosting Anti-Tumor Immunity With Monoclonal Antibodies".  He will also be giving a talk at 7PM titled "A Human Anti-CCR4 Monoclonal Antibody with Potent Tumor Cell Killing and Immunomodulatory Activities".

9th Annual PEGS Conference


 April 11-13, 2013
Marasco to participate at the 2nd Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference, Rome, Italy

Dr. Marasco will be speaking at the Second International Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference: Regenerative Medicine - A Fundamental Shift in Science and Culture in Vatican City April 11-13, 2013.  This is Dr. Marasco second time attending these special meetings, the first was in Nov 2011. He will be speaking at the April 13th session entitled "Stem Cells, Cancer and Aging - A Search for Solutions".  His talk is titled "What Questions Haven't Been Addressed with Respect to Stem Cells, Cancer and Aging?"

2nd Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference

Vatican hosts conference on advancements in stem cell therapy  - Rome Reports

March 20, 2013
Marasco speaking at Washington University, St.Louis

Dr. Marasco will be speaking at Washington University in St.Louis on March 20th, 2013 from 2-3PM.  As a guest speaker of the Translational Research Seminar Series he will speak on "Studies Toward Developing an Universal Influenza Vaccine in Man".  The seminar will be in the Eric P. Newman Educational Center, Seminar Room A, Mezzanine Level, 2nd floor.

Feb 11, 2013
Marasco appointed Principal Faculty at Harvard Stem Cell Institute

Dr. Marasco became an Affiliated Faculty Member of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) in May 2012.  In Oct 2012 he opened two Centers through the HSCI:  Center for Human Antibody Therapeutics (CHAT) and the Humanized Neonatal Mouse Center (HNMC).  We are happy to announce Dr. Marasco's new appointment as Principal Faculty Member at the HSCI.

Principal Faculty > Wayne A Marasco, MD, PhD

Jan 22, 2013
In the Media:  Universal Flu Vaccine Update

Boston Globe 1/24/2013: Push is on for better flu shot

Boston Globe 1/22/2013:  Local scientists searching for flu fighters 

Massachusetts scientists and researcher are creating vaccines that will fight a variety of flu strains and are trying to predict how the virus is evolving so that vaccines are better matched to each years strains.  Nearly 4 years ago, Dr. Wayne A Marasco found that the stalks of the proteins do not seem to undergo as fast an evolution as the heads of proteins, suggesting they would make a good target for a universal vaccine.