Past News Highlights


Past media coverage highlights

December 14, 2009 – PBS Newshour – Examining the Anatomy of a Pandemic and the H1N1 Scare

February 22, 2009 – NPR – Scientists Close to Universal Vaccine for Flu

February 22, 2009 publication of Structural and functional bases for broad-spectrum neutralization of avian and human influenza A viruses 

February 23, 2009  Science Daily – Lab-Made Proteins Neutralize Multiple Strains of Seasonal and Pandemic Flu

February 23, 2009 – National News coverage of Universal Vaccine for Flu

May 17, 2009 – Youtube video featuring Marasco Lab research – Attacking influenza: how human monoclonal antibodies neutralize

June 30, 2009 – US News and World Report – Wayne Marasco: A Shot at a Universal Flu Vaccine